Current Operations

TradeRelief is currently working with a variety of enterprises based in Kenya. For more information on these businesses and their success to date, please use the links on the right of the page.

Our Operating History

TradeRelief was launched in October 2006 in Kenya, with an investment in GoodChoice – a general store selling food and basic household items to the local community. The store was able to grow; provide employment to staff; sell goods wholesale to help other street vendors; and start returning the original investment. The seed investment acted as a catalyst that benefited not only GoodChoice but the community around it in a sustainable way. It was this early success that persuaded TradeRelief to look for further investments that could benefit their community in the same way.

Below is a short video about GoodChoice.

Tough Environments

GoodChoice, like TradeRelief’s other investments, operates in the developing world. The political and economic environment in which they operate is often fragile and unstable. This makes it even harder for fledgling businesses to grow. In 2007/08, GoodChoice was caught up in the riots and protests that followed the December 07 Kenyan elections. While the staff and premises were left unharmed, stock was looted from GoodChoice and some of its trading partners from neighbouring tribes were attacked. People were afraid to come out onto the main shopping streets, affecting the business for some time after the violence. The events demonstrated how people’s once-profitable businesses could be left in ruins, denying families of vital income without the potential of any compensation, social security or a method of raising funds to start again. TradeRelief aims to provide funds in such environments and help revive communities.

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