…building sustainable businesses to fight poverty.

TradeRelief is a charity supporting local enterprises with positive social impact in developing countries.
We offer funds and business advice to carefully selected local entrepreneurs. Together, we work to grow sustainable businesses which provide employment, services and social benefits to the community.

What we do

TradeRelief uses its donations to offer funds and business advice to enterprises in areas of high poverty. TradeRelief enables:

  • the enterprises to grow and increase their social benefits
  • a sustainable form of charity that is not dependent on future donations
  • donations to TradeRelief can be recycled from successful enterprises and their impact multiplied

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Get involved

We appreciate all offers to get involved.

  • To make a donation please click here.
  • To offer your time and work with us or to become a sponsored enterprise or partner please contact us here.
  • For more information on TradeRelief please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section.

Current Operations