Our Impact

…building sustainable businesses to fight poverty

TradeRelief enables local entrepreneurs in developing countries to grow self-sustaining businesses. Our goal is the long-term, sustained, reduction of poverty. We only support businesses which have sound commercial potential and which offer charitable and social as well as economic benefits to the community.

TradeRelief sponsored businesses can help many individuals to find a route out of poverty. Employees earn a stable income which benefits their families and often allows their children to go to school. The profitable enterprises can fund vocational training or school education and provide free services to vulnerable members of the community including widows, orphans and AIDS sufferers.

…achieving lasting results

TradeRelief’s support acts as a catalyst, enabling enterprises with social benefits to reach their potential. Examples of the beneficial impact of TradeRelief funds and business advice include:

  • Alpha Garments, a school uniform and clothing manufacturer, was able to double its income in one year, open a new shop and employ 7 people
  • One Touch, an internet cafe, was able to develop a mobile internet service enabling rural communities to access secure banking and other online services. Its success was recognised nationally by business communities.
  • Imani Caterers, an event catering service, was able to provide free nutritional advice and food to AIDS sufferers, funded from its business profits.

…providing responsible financial aid

TradeRelief carefully assesses each entrepreneur’s ability to achieve their social and commercial aims. The development and appraisal of a solid business plan, with realistic cash flow forecasts and defined charitable goals, is an essential part of the support process before any financial aid is offered. TradeRelief then monitors each business as it grows, assesses regular financial reports and provides business advice. This process benefits the business, and also enables TradeRelief to measure its impact and focus its work.

All TradeRelief sponsored enterprises meet charitable and commercial criteria, defined in agreement with the UK Charities Commission. For more information on the criteria go to our FAQ section by clicking here.

…maximising every donation

TradeRelief operates a charitable model that maximises the impact of every donation. When creating a business plan with potential entrepreneurs, TradeRelief ensures that anticipated profits are sufficient to grow the business and also return the initial investment so that it can be reinvested in another enterprise. This results in:

  1. a self sustaining business that can continue to grow its charitable work without further aid
  2. TradeRelief’s ability to recycle investments from profitable enterprises into new projects, multiplying the benefit of your support

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